Wax-On Liquid Lube Wet Formula 4 oz.

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The WEND Liquid Lube (LL) formulations were developed to enable ease of application while still retaining a high level of lubricity longevity. The LL formulations are basically aqueous emulsion/dispersion blends that allow effective penetration to all moving surfaces.  The aqueous emulsion component is a high solids anionic low melt paraffin wax emulsion. The dispersion component is a nonionic wax dispersion containing a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) composite that is reinforced with hard, inert ceramic microspheres and nanoceramic platelets. This HDPE composite provides improved Taber abrasion resistance when compared to PTFE additives. Added to the Liquid Lube aqueous emulsion/dispersion blends is an additional component used as a PTFE replacement, an ultra high molecular weigh polyethylene (UHMWPE) material. This component has the characteristics of low friction coefficient, self-lubrication, excellent abrasion resistance and superior water resistance. 

The Liquid Lube products are very easy to apply since they are low viscosity water-based emulsion/dispersions that dry to a lubricating film. Containing no petroleum solvents, they are easy to apply and easy to clean up after application. They are formulated to perform well in all conditions. They will help to keep your chain and drivetrain clean, quiet and operating efficiently. 


• Aqueous emulsion/dispersion blend allowseffective penetration to all moving surfaces. 

• Dries to a lubricating film.

• Helps keep chain and drivetrain clean, quiet, and operating efficiently.

• Water-based formula, no petroleum solvents.

• Dye and fragrance free. 

• Blend of paraffin wax with polyethylene wax/nanoceramic composite for enhanced drivetrain protection.