Wax-On Hot Melt Chain Lube 300GR

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WEND’s Wax-On Hot Melt Bar chain lube product has been reformulated to replace PTFE ingredients with nano-ceramic and UHMWPE additives. This change has resulted in notable improvements in product functionality, performance and sustainablitiy. 

•Blend of paraffin and microcrystalline waxes with polyethylene wax/nanoceramic composite for increased lubricity and enhanced drivetrain protection

•Helps keep chain and drivetrain clean, quiet, and operating efficiently

•No PFAS (fluorocarbon) chemical additives 

•Dye and fragrance free

•Formulated to perform well in all conditions 

•Hot waxing typically lasts between 100-300 miles depending on conditions


1. Place wax in a slow cooker or double boiler and slowly heat wax to 82°C (180°F)

2. Immerse clean chain into heated wax and agitate for approximately 5 minutes

3. Use caution and carefully remove hot chain, lightly wipe, and hang to cool

4. Install cooled chain on bike. It will be stiff from solidified wax but will become more pliable after first several miles of riding